Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well goodness, quite the whirlwind of things happening lately. So the ice finally melted hahaha....being locked in the house for four days is pure exhaustion....seriously. So lets just get to it.....; I'm exhausted, but I've commited to keeping up this this blog so by gosh, I'm going to do it.

 So last week on Tuesday I flew out to  Indy to interview for a position as the South Central Area Trainer. Essentially the role entails working with new reps when they first come out in the field. In addition the Area Trainer continues training and development with these rep throughout their first year. I was very nervous to apply, the job involves A LOT of travel, but Bryan encouraged me and said it would help me to grow and develop and quit frankley I would have become very bored in my current role. SO with that I gave it my all and was offered the position! YAY !!! I got a call last Friday at the end of the day with my offer and was flown out to the management meeting first thing Monday morning. (I'm currently still here) I am honeslty loving it and having a blast! It will be a lot of hard work and travel, but again, I know it was the right choice. So greatful for a supporting husband!

Second part of the exciting news....Back in December I applied for a volunteer opportunity Lilly was giving its employees. It involves going to a foreign country and living their culture for two weeks. "Through your program service, you will gain a deeper understanding of how education, economic opportunity and access to health care all play a role in improving outcomes for people who live in underserved communities around the globe." So incredibly exciting! I'm nervous becuase it is something I've NEVER done before and because I will be away from Bryan for two weeks in a row. However, I think it will be a once in a lifetime experience. My assignment is Brazil!

So there ya go! My head is spinning... =-) Looking forward to this weekend with the in-laws! Going to the PBR....


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What happens when you mix snow on top of sleet on top of rain? THICK ICE! I've now been stuck in the house for two days! We woke up yesterday morning to slick slick streets. The temperature with wind chill has been around -5 (Yes negative!) Around Texas there were about 44,000 power outages and they had to do "rolling outages" where they did intentional outages for around 15 to 30 minutes at a time. CRAZY! Atmos energy has turned off gas at commercial areas to be able to provide service to residents.

Of course, we were told to stay home due to this crazy weather! The first day of a snow day is great! We played Rock Band, watched Secretarian (Which is an AWESOME movie, you should watch it!), baked some brownies, did some computer work I even filed our taxes (which can be exciting when you get money back...we were not excited!)!! Day two is making me a little crazy! I had a decent amount of work I got done this morning, but now I've taken about all the couch potatoing I can. The dogs are going a little stir crazy too! Sarah keeps going outside but can't run around like she normally does b/c it is so slick! I'm really really hoping that we are able to get out tomorrow, but seeing as how it is not supposed to get above 32 for a couple days, I don't know! Bryan had to go into work and quit frankly I was pretty irritated that his bosses made them come in. If he stayed home, he had to use his vacation. Of course noone wants to use their vacation when they don't have that much to begin with, so he went in. So he pulled out of the driveway in his truck and couldn't even get out the neighborhood. We have one big hill we have to go up or a smaller hill, so of course he tried to take on the smaller hill and couldn't even get up that. A few minutes later he was back at the house. He ended up taking my car which made me nervous, but at least it had front wheel drive vs his rear wheel on the trucks! My boss told us to stay home, he's great! (Even though I'm ready to get out of the house!)

As I'm writing this up right now, I'm watching all the school closing for tomorrow already...that's three days of no school and possibly no work. WOW! 

Here is a pic of our street! I just went out and took this...not melting at all!