Sunday, August 23, 2009

World's Worst Blogger!

Yes, I am the World's WORST Blogger! Last weekend I got to go see my good friend Jennifer. Unfortunately it wasn't due to the best circumstances, but in hard times it seems that good friends are brought together. Anyhow, during my visit she told me she likes to keep up with our blog and told me "You're the worlds worst blogger.." I couldn't disagree. Tis true. I need Bryan to help out with it!

So again, I guess I will have to catch everyone up with what has been going on at the Turnbow household!

Looks like the last post I had just finished up the bathroom. Since then we haven't done much more with the house except get new chairs so that company can actually sit down!! Maintaining the house alone has kept us entirely too busy! It truly is exhausting. If we aren't working in the yard or cleaning the house we are paying bills, grocery shopping etc...geez.

So lets see...


Bryan got a new job at Scotts Lawncare! He goes around to various areas in the DFW metroplex and does lawn treatments. It was kind of nice when he started because I would get him to come by and spray our weeds! (Which were out of control!!!..Next year we will be here early enough to out pre-emergent down) He likes it, but he is outside all day in the hot heat...No worries though, we got him a big jug to carry water around in....although he still needs to be careful. He has had some funny encounters. Because he has to go into customer's backyards he often runs into dogs. One day he came home talking about how he chased a dog around a neighborhood. I can only imagine what that looked like. He eventually got the dog back in the backyard and locked him in there...Anyhow, he is liking his job, but hopefully he is going to be transitioning to the fire department soon. Irving fire department is looking to take a class in November, so Bryan really wants to get on with them. Keep him in your prayers.
Towards the end of may we had a huge storm come through. One night Bryan and I were sitting at the dinner table and I looked out to the west and mentioned how dark it was out there. By the time we were done eating the tornado sirens were going off. So we grab Sammy and got in the closet. We had our flashlight and that was about it. I tried to call Meredith to tell me what was going on but the call kept getting disconnected. But texts worked! Our electricity went out and it sounded like the hail was going to come through our roof. We are now more prepared if this happens again.Our house stayed in tack thank goodness, but our roof was totaled, and our chimney was yanked up from our roof. Fortunately Bryan was able to get up and hammer it back down until the roofers could get out. Can you believe that after living in the house for two months a huge storm like that comes rolling through? Take a look at some of the pics from our house and neighbors by us!

June flew by! We did however manage to find time to take a nice HOT camping trip with some good friends. We had a good time. We floated the Guadalupe river, which was awesome. Although the water was so low that it took us almost 4 hours to go 1/4 of a mile. The cool thing was that were we got off at was right at our tents. The place we camped at was alright. There were tons of people there though and the camp sites were way too close together. The people next to us were listening to their music entirely too loud. One might think I am an old lady, but seriously is it necessary to have the music up super loud when you are sitting RIGHT next to it! Anyhow, after floating the river we went to the Grismil (I think that's how you spell it). It's a pretty famous restaurant down there. It was awesome. Bryan got a pasta salad entree. When it came out that he was pretty disappointed because he thought it was going to be a hot I ended up eating most of it! Overall fun trip and good memories!

The following weekend after camping my Dad, Sylvia, John and the dogs came down. It was nice having family out to the house. Dad brought down all sorts of things to fill my closets. He was thrilled to empty his house of my stuff! haha...Anyhow we had a good time. We went and visited the new Cowboys stadium, grilled out some ribs and hung out on the patio. Dad took time to show Sylvia around our old stompin' grounds since the only place in Texas she has ever been is Lubbock (went for my graduation!)...She really liked it...think we could ever get them to move out here? I don't either. =-) It'd be nice to have some of my side of the family in Texas, but they are only a plane ride away so that okay.

HOT HOT HOT!! Two big things happened in July...1.) Air Conditioner broke...yes, you read correctly...2.) Vegas baby! one small thing 3.) I cut my hair off!
So right in the middle of July our air conditioner breaks. I had some friends in town for a wedding. After going out that night we came home and the house was pretty warm (this was a Saturday evening) We thought maybe just because there were so many of us in the house it just got a little warm. Once we all went to bed and woke up the next morning it seemed to be ok. But then that afternoon it was not ok...our house was hot. So we call the warranty company b/c when we bought the house there was a warranty on it. Well the warranty company tells me they can't get someone out until THURSDAY! ( I called on Sunday) I asked them if they were insane...they had no comment. So I argued with them and they finally found someone to come out on Tuesday. So in the meantime Bryan and I go to walmart and buy fans...we set them up so they could circulate the hot air...haha..Tuesday rolls around and I'm wondering why noone has contacted me to meet them at the house to fix the AC. So I call the actual air conditioning company that is supposed to come out. They tell me that First American Warranty just asked if they had an opening...but they didn't confirm it. I call back FAW and tell them situation and they have nothing positive to tell me. So they tell me that the next time they can get someone out is Saturday. That would be an entire week without air conditioner!! NO WAY!! Bryan and I are so miserable at this point we just call someone else out and pay out of pocket. It ended up being a pretty easy fix. Somehow the wires were messed up so our heater and a/c were running at the same time. Needless to say, our electricity bill was high! In the meantime while the a/c wasn't working we had to send the munchkin to the kennel during the day b/c the house was too hot. I was getting ready one morning and Sammy started hacking like he was choking so I called the vet and they said to bring him in. He ended up getting kennel cough while at the kennel even though he is vaccinated! So again, a nice bill from the vet. ahh...dang a/c. Once he got his antibiotic he was good within a week. Whew, that was one miserable week! Picture below shows that it was 99 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!
End of July we went to VEGAS! It was Meredith's 21st so we celebrated! I had never been to Vegas so we thought I probably ought to check it out! There were seven of us that went. It sure was an experience that's for sure. We stayed at the Venetian, which was beautiful! However, their customer service was HORRIBLE! We got there and argued back and forth with the front desk about getting us into a room. They didn't have ours ready and said they only guaranteed to get us in a room at some point in the night! Not only that, but they didn't have a non-smoking room available for us, which is what we reserved in Feb! So we ended up in a smoking room the first night, which was miserable!! After that though things go better! We went out and walked the entire strip. WHEW...that is hot in July! We went and rode the roller coaster at New York New York, which was pretty cool, but we waiting awhile in line b/c it broke down right before we got on. Never a good sign. The second night we were there we went and saw Le was a water acrobat show. They do some amazing things and you are entertained the entire time!!! Bryan and the guys went and rode the big shot. There was no way I was getting on that though! My favorite thing about the whole trip was the Belagio fountains. I probably could have sat there all night and watch them. BEAUTIFUL!!! Overall the trip was fun, we lost a lot of money, and I think if we go back we will stay for two days.....

Last, but not least in July...I cut my hair off! That is a big step for a girl!
Are we really almost done with August? Gosh, before we know it Christmas will be here!
In August we had a housewarming party (5 months after we have lived in our house!!) It was fun, we had quit a bit of people over! We hung out, had some drinks and played ladder ball. I like having people over!!

The last two weekend have been kind of low key. Bryan went with his family to Schiliterbaun. They took his cousin Joe down before school starts on Monday. They had a blast. No pictures from that though because I wasn't there! haha...I ended up staying home and going to one friend's wedding shower and then helping Courtney (one of my best girlfriends) go wedding dress shopping. Meredith was also in town for a wedding. We ended up going to the Rangers V. Redsox game Saturday night. We were invited to go up into a suite. Stephanie, I girl I met through work got a box. It was awesome! I have never been in a suite before, I felt important. hahaha...

Last night we went bowling....haven't done that in a LONG time. Chelsea and Nathan joined us for a little Morrow v Turnbow competitions. The Turnbows dominated! haha....Nathan was really good at coming in last. I guess he wasn't putting on his best game last night. Before we started he thought it would be a good idea that whoever came in last had to do 10 pushups on the actual lane! Well, below you will see him fulfilling his idea...

Nathan 'icing down' his hand...haha
Well, that should about catch us up! I will do better. I won't let three months go by before I blog again! haha...
The Turnbows

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The NEVER ending project finally ENDED!

Eventful weekend. For a month now, I have been working on our master bathroom. It has been a exhausting! Bryan and I textured it b/c the previous owners painted the drywall and it just looked goofy. We also had to take down their gorgeous flower wallpaper. So a month ago (maybe three weeks) we textured it! A week goes by and I decide we need to go ahead and paint it. Well we originally thought we would paint it the same color as our bedspread. (Blueish/greenish color) So I went to Home Depot (They don't call it HOME for no reason, IT HAS BECOME MY SECOND HOME!) and had them color match the bed spread. Went home, tried it out and DID NOT like it. So I went back to the HD and decided I was going to do a tanish color with brown glaze. So i bought all the supplies and came home ready to paint. By the end of the weekend I got the entire bathroom painted the base color (goes under the glaze). A week goes by....I decided I need to finish it up! So I get out the brown glaze and get after it! I get a big chunck done and then STOPPED! It was not looking good AT honestly looked like leather on our walls!! HIDEOUS! So back HOME (depot) I go! I decide to get a couple samples of different things...some whites/tans etc. I get back to the house and try some out with some different glazes(see below!) At the end of the day I decided to GO BACK with the original plan(color of the bedspread). So away I go painting the entire bathroom again. The good news was that I didn't have to prime it b/c the color i chose covered up the leather brown! So by the end of Saturday night the base color was down!!! This morning it was time to complete the NEVER ENDING project! I glazed it, touched up, took down blue tape (which has been up this whole time) put our hardware back on the walls, cleaned the bathroom and wa la! DONE! THANK GOODNESS!!! Check out the Turnbows new MASTER bathroom below.....Kind of hard to tell in pics but it is a light green with a pearl white glaze over it. Very calming....(Before, MIDDLE, and afters below!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The One with the Blue Door

Well, we are moved! Thank goodness! Bryan and I both agreed, we don't want to do that again for a LONG time! Cammie and Rodney (Bryan's parents) came out to help! That was a lifesaver. So the actual day we moved it decided to be rainy and cold! YUCK! That was just the beginning though of the glorious day....When I moved from my old apt from SW fort worth to the one up north, I used Apple Movers. They did a great job and moved quickly; so, I decided we would use them again for the move into the house. Well lets just say they weren't what we were expecting. 2 guys showed up. One of them needed to take a shower (he says his family calls him the black sheep of the family) and the other really wasn't that bad, just quiet. So after talking our ear off for a little bit they finally got started. Well the Black Sheep seemed to not care very much about getting our furniture loaded gently. He did not wrap the furniture and would just load a piece up and make it go CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK all the way down the three flights of stairs.....I sat their cringing....They took FOREVER, but eventually got everything on the truck and over to the new house. Problem #2....our new carpet...I asked the black sheep if they had anything to lay down on our carpet as they brought in the furniture. He said no, so I suggested I would go lay out some flattened boxes for them to walk on, however, he told me I couldn't do that because "he wouldn't want to hurt himself" he then proceeded to check and make sure we had homeowners insurance in case he did fall....I was STEAMING!!!! I then suggested towels by the front door so they could wipe their feet. He said they would walk over, but not take the time to wipe their feet. I was thrilled they were our movers! We decided that they could place the big furniture in the house and leave all the boxes in the garage and we would bring them in b/c I didn't want them trucking back and forth with their UN WIPED feet over our new carpet! At the end of the day though...we got moved in and we were pooped! The next few days were spent unpacking, painting, cleaning and doing yard work! Below are pics of the extravagant events that took place!

This is what the apartment looked like prior to moving....a disaster zone!
Bryan and I working on the house before moving in...we tried to get most the major painting done before moving in!


Rodney and Cammie hard at work taking down wall paper! (Left) Cammie locking herself in the closet while painting.....we had to go open up a window in there to make sure she didn't pass out!! (right)
Bryan taking down tape from guest room (left) Cammie using the "low rider" vacuum...I guess Bryan and I are going to have to get a new vacuum that works on carpet that is a little longer.... (right)
The guest bath which is stilled taped off b/c there is some painting left to do! Meredith helped paint this room! I think afterwards she decided she didn't like painting as much as she had initially thought she would! (Left) Workout room without any workout equipment haha (right)
We have extra bedrooms so come visit us ANYTIME!

Family room...Bryan watching sports...go figure! Please note the two camping chairs we have in the middle of the room...yes, we need some additional furniture....that is going on the wait list for now, camping chairs...

The kitchen and breakfast area!

Master bedroom and bath....bath is going to be textured and painted in the near future!
The really big/awesome backyard! Needs some work, but will be looking good soon!

Couldn't forget about the "little guy"...he helped A LOT with the move! =-)