Sunday, May 3, 2009

The NEVER ending project finally ENDED!

Eventful weekend. For a month now, I have been working on our master bathroom. It has been a exhausting! Bryan and I textured it b/c the previous owners painted the drywall and it just looked goofy. We also had to take down their gorgeous flower wallpaper. So a month ago (maybe three weeks) we textured it! A week goes by and I decide we need to go ahead and paint it. Well we originally thought we would paint it the same color as our bedspread. (Blueish/greenish color) So I went to Home Depot (They don't call it HOME for no reason, IT HAS BECOME MY SECOND HOME!) and had them color match the bed spread. Went home, tried it out and DID NOT like it. So I went back to the HD and decided I was going to do a tanish color with brown glaze. So i bought all the supplies and came home ready to paint. By the end of the weekend I got the entire bathroom painted the base color (goes under the glaze). A week goes by....I decided I need to finish it up! So I get out the brown glaze and get after it! I get a big chunck done and then STOPPED! It was not looking good AT honestly looked like leather on our walls!! HIDEOUS! So back HOME (depot) I go! I decide to get a couple samples of different things...some whites/tans etc. I get back to the house and try some out with some different glazes(see below!) At the end of the day I decided to GO BACK with the original plan(color of the bedspread). So away I go painting the entire bathroom again. The good news was that I didn't have to prime it b/c the color i chose covered up the leather brown! So by the end of Saturday night the base color was down!!! This morning it was time to complete the NEVER ENDING project! I glazed it, touched up, took down blue tape (which has been up this whole time) put our hardware back on the walls, cleaned the bathroom and wa la! DONE! THANK GOODNESS!!! Check out the Turnbows new MASTER bathroom below.....Kind of hard to tell in pics but it is a light green with a pearl white glaze over it. Very calming....(Before, MIDDLE, and afters below!)