Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hump Day!

Well Wednesday=humpday=we are on downhill slide of the week!! WEE!! Tomorrow is Friday for me though! Bryan's Friday was I guess Tuesday was our hump day! Anyhow, good news, the Area Director (my boss's boss) canceled our field ride. =-) LOAD OF STRESS, GONE! So, now Bryan and I can finished getting everything ready for closing day! YAY! Hope everyone's week is going as well as ours!! xoxo

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What a week!

It's been a long week! My weekend is here, but Bryan is working today and tomorrow. =-( He has to work weekends unfortunately! So, Sammy and I hang out together! He's a good bud! This week seemed exceptionally long! Maybe because we are getting all the little logistics for the big day (CLOSING DAY) finished up! So next Friday at noon Bryan and I will be sealing the deal and within a split second spend most of our savings, be home owners and have a mortgage! SCARY! While it is scary, we are both SO excited. We will have a place that we can really say is ours, something that we bought together! I joke with a lot of my doctors about how the "honey-do" list has already started. The good news for Bryan is he can't really start it until we have the money! haha... No, there really isn't that much that has to be done on the house. The biggest thing is the back fence needs to be fixed. There is a hole in the back and we don't want the little guy (Sammy) getting out. Speaking of the backyard, I can tell Sam is going to be VERY excited, considering right now when we throw the ball for him he goes sliding into the wall. He gets his momentum up and then all of sudden he has to stop and BAM! into the wall he goes! haha...He's So besides the house we are also working on those darn things called taxes...I think someday I might write a book titled "Everything Noone Tells You About Being a Grown Up!" I think is something that should definitely be a "required read" in college! =-) Apparently after you already pay a lot of money out of your pay check every two weeks, the government likes to collect a little bit more at the end of the year so that way they can bail out everyone else who can't manage their money! (I guess they pay for roads and other necessities too...) Next week is going to be even more crazier then this week! I have my boss's boss (the Area Director) riding with me! Talk about high anxiety! So if everyone could say a little prayer....I'd be appreciative! So Thursday is the big ride along with him and then Friday we close. We take possession of the house Friday, but apparently it is normal to let the sellers have two additional days to move out because they don't like to move out until they have money in hand...whatever...I was planning on having a sleepover...I guess we can scrap that idea....As soon as we get the house we will take pics and post them!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammys......and The Bachelor

Ok so we had a nice Sunday, lounged around, did laundry...then watched the grammys...I don't get famous people...there were some high points but,....the low point....Kayne West and MIA: HORRIBLE!! MIA was pregnant, which isn't a bad thing, but put something on that is flattering! NOT SEE THROUGH!! Kayne West was sporting a mullet/fro..haha..goofy..The other thing with the grammys is that I felt as though it was all British people...did anyone else feel that way? I was excited to see Carrie, I enjoy all her performances, but she sang and old song and wore a whimsical outfit that didn't fit the song. Overall the outfits were just weird. Girls were wearing fluffy/poofy dresses that looked like a horrible 80s prom outfit. So what was good in my opinion? Jennifer Hudson is an amazing singer and always gives me chills. When she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowel I couldn't get over how great she is! Sugarland always puts on a great performance and Jennifer Nettles is a little cookey, but I love her! Adelle, Chasing Pavements was also great..she has a different voice and the song just sounded very much like a classic! Bryan's favorite was the 4 rappers...KW, MIA, TI, J-Z, and lil Wayne...go figure... Anyways, can't wait for tomorrow, Bachelor is on and we are going home! For the home dates they are coming out to the DFW area b/c Melissa is from here. I really hope Molly gets cut tomorrow. I can't stand her...she is fake and there for the wrong reasons. She just wanted to be on T.V. The moment I knew I didn't like her was when she already had a rose for the night but still stole Jason away from another girl who was trying to have a conversation with him. Greedy!! I like Jillian the best. I think she's a keeper. We will see what happens!