Monday, March 28, 2011

Left on Keys

Just had an awesome weekend with the Morrows. They've become very close friends and its always a lot of laughs when we are with them! It's been awhile since we have done a getaway with them, so in December we decided we would take a trip to Nathan's Dad's cabin in Ruidoso. Thursday night we headed out around 6ish....first mess up was we thought it was an eight hour drive....when we finally took a left on Keys St at 3:30 am we realized "Nope..91/2".....That was the beginning of our adventure. Friday morning we had planned on going tubing down the slopes at a local stop. The internet had said that it was the last weekend for it to be open, when we woke up and realized we could wear sandals b/c it was so warm, it was obvious the slope would be closed and sure enough it was. Next stop...go karts! I clearly was the best driver, however Bryan seemed to get the fastest car and Nathan....well....let's just say we all lapped him a couple times....We did some gambling (and by "we" I mean Nathan and Bryan) My stress level is WAY too high when it comes to gambling. We also had drinks looking out over the lake at Inn of the Mountain Gods (and by "we" I mean Chelsea, Bryan and myself; It was Nathan's birthday weekend, he didn't know his license happened to expire this at an age over 30 which I won't disclose, they would not serve him...hahaha) We left on Sunday and before heading out Nathan couldn't find his keys ANYWHERE (must be the old age getting to him)...the good news was we drove so we were able to get back to Fort Worth, but once we got there we had to take Nathan and Chelsea to their house instead of dropping them at their car in Weatherford (Which is halfway between our houses). WE SEARCHED EVERYWHERE...needless to say Nathan and Chelsea spent today getting the car towed to a dealership so they could get a key made for the car because they didn't have spare..lesson learned the hard way...Overall good time and lots of laughs as always!

 Looking out at the top of the mountain
Making a wish in the fountain at Inn of the Mountain Gods!
Me and Chels before going out
The boys playing with fake toys..they think they are cool...

"Don't forget to take a lef to Keys",