Saturday, March 21, 2009

The One with the Blue Door

Well, we are moved! Thank goodness! Bryan and I both agreed, we don't want to do that again for a LONG time! Cammie and Rodney (Bryan's parents) came out to help! That was a lifesaver. So the actual day we moved it decided to be rainy and cold! YUCK! That was just the beginning though of the glorious day....When I moved from my old apt from SW fort worth to the one up north, I used Apple Movers. They did a great job and moved quickly; so, I decided we would use them again for the move into the house. Well lets just say they weren't what we were expecting. 2 guys showed up. One of them needed to take a shower (he says his family calls him the black sheep of the family) and the other really wasn't that bad, just quiet. So after talking our ear off for a little bit they finally got started. Well the Black Sheep seemed to not care very much about getting our furniture loaded gently. He did not wrap the furniture and would just load a piece up and make it go CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK all the way down the three flights of stairs.....I sat their cringing....They took FOREVER, but eventually got everything on the truck and over to the new house. Problem #2....our new carpet...I asked the black sheep if they had anything to lay down on our carpet as they brought in the furniture. He said no, so I suggested I would go lay out some flattened boxes for them to walk on, however, he told me I couldn't do that because "he wouldn't want to hurt himself" he then proceeded to check and make sure we had homeowners insurance in case he did fall....I was STEAMING!!!! I then suggested towels by the front door so they could wipe their feet. He said they would walk over, but not take the time to wipe their feet. I was thrilled they were our movers! We decided that they could place the big furniture in the house and leave all the boxes in the garage and we would bring them in b/c I didn't want them trucking back and forth with their UN WIPED feet over our new carpet! At the end of the day though...we got moved in and we were pooped! The next few days were spent unpacking, painting, cleaning and doing yard work! Below are pics of the extravagant events that took place!

This is what the apartment looked like prior to moving....a disaster zone!
Bryan and I working on the house before moving in...we tried to get most the major painting done before moving in!


Rodney and Cammie hard at work taking down wall paper! (Left) Cammie locking herself in the closet while painting.....we had to go open up a window in there to make sure she didn't pass out!! (right)
Bryan taking down tape from guest room (left) Cammie using the "low rider" vacuum...I guess Bryan and I are going to have to get a new vacuum that works on carpet that is a little longer.... (right)
The guest bath which is stilled taped off b/c there is some painting left to do! Meredith helped paint this room! I think afterwards she decided she didn't like painting as much as she had initially thought she would! (Left) Workout room without any workout equipment haha (right)
We have extra bedrooms so come visit us ANYTIME!

Family room...Bryan watching sports...go figure! Please note the two camping chairs we have in the middle of the room...yes, we need some additional furniture....that is going on the wait list for now, camping chairs...

The kitchen and breakfast area!

Master bedroom and bath....bath is going to be textured and painted in the near future!
The really big/awesome backyard! Needs some work, but will be looking good soon!

Couldn't forget about the "little guy"...he helped A LOT with the move! =-)