Monday, January 24, 2011

Naming our blog...

Ok b/c I'm going to do better blogging, I've been looking at other people's blogs so I can steal ideas...hehehe...

Fist things first...I feel like we need a fun name that goes with our last name, for example:
1. Talking with the Turnbows
2. Turnbow Talk
3. Telling on the Turnbows
Clearly I'm very UNcreative, any ideas? 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 in one post.....

HMM...can this year be different than last? So many things have changed for us in 2010, including a new addition to the family! A FURRY friend that is! ;-) So lets see:

1. Bryan got another new job! But this one is permeant! He is now working for Progressive as an estimator. Essentially, when you wreck your car, Bryan will look over it and tell you how much you will get back. He is loving it! Not as stressful as past jobs, and lots of room for growth! Yay Bryan!
2. Bryan got a new truck...I think I've gotten to ride in it 4 times now. It stays in the garage A LOT. Cool. lol
3. We adopted a doggie from the local Shih Tzu rescue. She was named when we got her and we decided to keep her name! was Sarah Jessica Parker, but we dropped the "Jessica Parker" and added "Turnbow"! She fit right in and it seems like we have had her forever! LOVE HER!
This is typically where they are, barking at school kids outside! 

4. We went to VEGAS! Our friends last minute decided to go to Vegas to see the Dew Tour. We decided, "Why not?!" We got a great deal and stayed at the Westgate Resort, part of Planet Hollywood. 
5. In November I did the 3 Day. 3 days 60 miles. AWESOME. One of the best accomplishments thus far in my life.  Mom came out and surprised along with Aunt Deb! Chelsea and Nathan, some of our friends in Fort Worth came out too! I was so surprised!! It reminded me of the amazing family and friends I have! I'm doing it again in 2011!

6. We redid the Kitchen!!! YEESH...we were dying of fumes for like a week! But it turned out great! 
I did the backsplash with the help of my friend Stephanie!

When we moved in....

During the remodel.....

DONE! (Well except appliances...still are going to replace microwave, oven and dishwasher!)

GOALS FOR 2011.....the backyard and master bedroom! =-)