Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ok, so we started this blog during summer...yes summer in the hopes that we could let everyone follow along with the wedding plans...Well, that never happened. So here we are in FEB! But, we are going to get good at this blog (or should we say I(Nicki) will) Bryan probably won't want much to do with it. But, the whole reason for getting it was so that family could check out what is going on with us without having to have a facebook profile. Well, that obviously is NOT a problem anymore b/c it seems as though EVERYONE is getting one! Even so, we will still blog...

Bachelorette and Bachelor parties!
We will start with wedding festivities! The bachelorette and bachelor party were a blast. I had a lot of my good girlfirends at the bachelorette party and my Maid of Honor had us play BAR FOOTBALL! We all dressed in our best Texas Tech outfits and went from bar to bar. Each bar was a "Quarter" and each type of drink was worth so many points. To be quit all got really confusing after "pre-game" and "1st quarter". It was a blast and Court did an AWESOME job planning, best Maid of Honor ever! Bryan and his friends spent quit a memorable weekend on the lake. His dad even joined them for the late night! Needless to say, at the end of the night some of the guys woke up with permanent marker all over their face...Now, seeing as how they are guys, they didn't take any pictures, and if they did, they never made it to me. Bryan always seems to complain about me taking way too many pics, but he has stated he wished he had pics from no more complaining every time I pull out that camera Bryan! Enjoy the pics of the bachelorette party!

Wedding Day!
September 13, 2008 came all way too fast! Before we knew it, it was time to tie the knot. The wedding turned out great! Everything we both could have imagined. I had all sorts of help setting up! Mom, Cammie, Grandma, my Aunt Debbie, and cousins Sarah and Katie. The actual day of wasn't hectic at all. Things all seemed to fall into place...that's probably b/c of all the help from families and my amazing bridesmaids. (Our programs had a typo in them and my bridesmaids didn't even tell me, they took care of it and got them reprinted at no cost for me! I love them!) About 200 people came, as expected, and I think for the most part all 200 had a great time. The dance floor was packed throughout the night and I'm pretty sure most of all of our guests drinks were also on the dance floor. Oh well, having fun is what matters right? One word of advice to friends who will be getting married in the near future.....enjoy EVERY min of the reception, it goes by WAY to fast!

Here are some pics!!

The honeymoon....Playa Del Carmen!

Well we got off to a rocky start for the honeymoon. Hurricane Ike was our worst enemy! He ran over Houston and caused all sorts of problems for not only people that live in Houston, but also for those individuals (Bryan and I included) who needed to stop through there. So the morning we were scheduled to leave, they canceled our flight....what a drag...we finally got rescheduled on another airline and had to drive to Amarillo to leave. We eventually got there and the first day was a blast! The next day Bryan came down with a horrible soar throat and bad fever. He was like that for the rest of the week until the very last day when he started feeling better. We got him some antibiotics at the hotel "doc". Scary...but they got him back to feeling well. The Royal, where we stayed, was beautiful and had everything honeymooners could want! We will try again another year...

Until next time,
The Turnbows

So the honeymoon.....